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DJ Fourword - Filthy Dubnasty Drop Mix



This is a new mix I made. Its quite different then most i've made. I mixed a lot of old school/underground Hip Hop in this one, I slowed most of it down and made it "Chopped and Screwed" like. I also put a lot of Reggae/Dub/Dubstep songs in here cuz i like the Rhythm and vibe. I LOVE melodies. But you all know i love my BASS. So there is some dirty dirty dubstep in here and also the chiller melodic dub. I hope you like this, its quite unique, I love to mix all kinds of music and make them work together. There are parts in here that are way chill and slow (usually hip hop or reggae) and then the mix goes between that and crazy drops. This was two mixes, they were shorter and i though it'd be a much cooler flow to mix both mixes and go between the different feelings and sound environments. But in the end as this mix states its always FILTHY!

I made this as a christmas present for some friends, but this is a new years release. :)

I hope everybody likes this stuff, the BASS bumps as always, and i got some new double drops in here that are very intense. Pump up the DECIBALS and Enjoy this one.

Release date: Jan 1, 2011 

Year: 2011 (NEW RELEASE)

Genre/Style Description: Hip Hop/Rap/Dubstep/Reggae/Electro/Electro-House/Dnb/Ambient/Melodic [FLOWSTEP]

DOWNLOAD: Filthy_Dubnasty_Drop_Mix/DJ Fourword - Filthy Dubnasty Drop Mix.mp3